When it comes to recruitment
we don't generalise, we specialise.

Since 2002, TTM Healthcare has been leading the way in specialist recruitment within the healthcare sector.

Whether you are an employer looking for help to source the best healthcare professionals or simply securing your next role, our specialist teams are here to help.

Each year we help thousands of nurses, doctors, therapists, radiographers and social care professionals find the best jobs across Ireland, the UK, Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

Our passion for quality and compliance is second to none as is our belief in delivering exceptional service each and every time. Our aim is to help our clients provide a seamless service to their patients by sourcing highly experienced, top quality professionals at all levels including those in some of the hardest to find niches.

We employ over 75 staff directly and engage over 600 health and care contractors through our network of offices across Ireland and the UK as well as in Poland, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Our network reaches out beyond Europe through our trusted partnerships across the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

We are different - just ask our customers and the peope who work for us. We pride ourselves in our honesty, integrity and consistency. With our ISO approved vetting process and our highly trained staff we manage everything on behalf of our customers from their entire relief panels to sourcing specialist health professionals.

We at TTM Healthcare aspire to help you in any way we can, just ask.